1. siriousasaheartattack:

      My boyfriend randomly walked into my second period class in the middle of class, barely made eye contact with me, handed me the penguin with the note folded up and tied to it, and walked right on out. I’M GOING TO PROM!!!!!

    Glad you chose to right answer! Here @FineTuxedos, We <3 Penguins! (They know how to rock a tuxedo ;) ) 

  2. livey0ourlife:

    How I  got asked to prom :D

    Real men know how to be romantic! Way to go guys! Submit your video to our Best Promposal 2013 contest at FineTuxedos.com/contest for a chance to win a Calvin Klein tux for all your hard work!
    P.S. What was Becky’s answer!?

  3. This is amazing!

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  4. curiosity-stole-my-childhood:

    so my friend shoveled out the letters P-R-O-M into my back patio, early saturday morning right after the mini storm. it may have been just about the cutest thing thats ever happened to me.  :’)

    So cute!

  5. ilikejasminetea:

    had no idea he was holding the sign behind me
    that was actually the cutest thing
    of course I’d go to prom with you : )

    Those are some perfect pictures to remember your promposal by!

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  6. youngandreckless466:

    So today at swim practice, my friend asked her boyfriend to her junior prom. My friends and I were each given a cap with a letter on it and we went up to her boyfriend and asked him to cap us and then we sat on a bench in front of him. The sea turtle is his favorite animal so she put the question mark on it. My swim team is so awesome.

    Love that you got friends involved, so cute!

  7. What’s cuter than a kitten asking you to prom?

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  8. danidarlingggg:

    How my cutie asked me to prom!!!

    Truly cheesy (but who wouldn’t love this?)!

  9. urbanwil:

    How I Asked Christina To Prom

    After chopping up an hour length of footage and facing a power outage, the video finally uploaded…don’t mind my awkotaco self lol. 

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  10. kateanne419:

    Cute Pokemon promposal from my best friend!! :D

    How awesome!