1. highon-summer-time:


    You can’t go wrong with rose pedals.  Send a video of your rose pedal promposal rendition to our contest for an opportunity to win a designer tuxedo!

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  2. tyedyedbitch:

    Asked my Boyfriend to Prom, he said yes!

    Witty rhyming makes for a good promposal.


  3. lingeronlove:

    Hey guys :) This is my friend Evan’s prom proposal to my other friend Camille. If they get up to 1000 likes they get free tuxes for everyone involved! Please help them out? The video is adorable!

    Love the involvement! To get involved enter here: FineTuxedos Contest.

    Don’t forget the deadline to win a Calvin Klein tux is March 25th!

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  4. spicyindian94:

    Asked @shalinikurpad to prom! She said yes!! Cookie cake and two cupcakes that say yes and no. #promposals #igers

    Sweet idea! Desserts always lead to a positive response.

  5. Way to put some heart into it!  Hope the answer was yes.  If you have a video from decorating a car for a promposal, send it into our FineTuxedos contest!

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  6. carpe-diem-:

    getting asked to prom like this »»>

    Adorable! Who can resist a puppy, right? Any chance you have this on video? If so, send it into our promposal contest for a chance to win a designer tux.

  7. sonriviccio:

    Love my girl for saying yes to prom <3

    Whatever works! Have a unique promposal video? Enter it in our Best Promposal 2013 Contest at FineTuxedos.com/contest for a free chance to win a Calvin Klein tux!

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  8. little-lisha-lynn:

    This is the cutest! I hope my boyfriend is just as creative!! :)

    How to ask a girl to prom 500 times in one shot! Have a promposal video that rivals? Submit it to FineTuxedos.com/contest, where the winner receives a free designer tuxedo!

  9. cityofboba:

    So today in English class, I got a call slip. When I went into the office, I was asked about my locker; which didn’t make really any sense at all. After about a minute of just explaining where my locker was, the teacher sent me back to my class. When I walked back into class, reaching to give my teacher my slip, I was surprised to turn around and see my boyfriend come out of a box…he was asking me to prom. Now I know we haven’t been together for like years and we’re just in high school, but these past months have been amazing and he’s really made me a better person. Always making me smile, feeding me constantly because he knows how much I love my food, and understanding my love for Kai and Zelo (as I understand his with Taylor Swift) Even though to other people this may be too early to say, but I love him…and I’m going to prom bitchesss!

    Sometimes the best promposals come in big packages! Submit your promposal video to our Best Promposal 2013 contest at FineTuxedos.com/contest, where the winner receives a free Calvin Klein tux!

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  10. mattyasay:

    He said yes! 😁😊 @udontnoboutandy @0riginalsin #prom #proposal #promproposal #cuteshit #cute

    Girls with guts get all the glory!